In this article, we are going to implement multi select dropdown in angular application. In this article, we start from scratch to implement multi select dropdown.

In this article

  • Create new angular app
  • Install package
  • Implement Multi select dropdown
  • Pass default selected value
  • Other Settings
  • Callback Methods

Create New Angular APP

For creating new angular application, run…


In this article, we will learn about custom attributes directives in Angular. In this article, we create some custom attributes directive and use in our components.

In This Article

  • What is directive?
  • Create new Angular project.
  • Built in Attributes Directives.
  • Create custom attributes directive.
  • Implement custom attributes directive in our components.

What is directive?

Directives are…

In this blog, we will create a c# program that takes input from the user and check-in predefine array to check how many times that number occurs in that array.

Check Total Occurrence Of A Number In An Array In C Sharp
Check Total Occurrence Of A Number In An Array In C Sharp



  • In this program, first we declare an array of integer types and then print it to show the user.
  • Then take input from the user.
  • Check that input with our array using the LINQ count method and pass expression in that method also that element is equal to the given number.

Output 1

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